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The unique convergence of romantic design, french modern cuisine, world-class mixology and exclusive musical talent collaborations across numerous genres creates a restaurant and lounge concept that is momentous in scale and ambition.
The ambiance exuded by Villa Azur is second to none ,
the setting has something for everyone ,
from an intimate romantic environment to the ideal venue to keep guests dancing into the night.
The enchanted open-aired courtyard or beach is one of the most distinguishing features in Miami and Bodrum that enables guests to dine and dance under the stars ,
creating an atmosphere sans rival.


Villa Azur is first and foremost an epicurean experience.
Villa Azur's signature dishes derive from selecting only the freshest ingredients and flavor characteristics from the South of France,reinterpreted with an international twist.
Each dishes is carefully prepared carefully given to the even smallest details.It is by combining classic dishes and techniques with local ingredients and flavors that Villa Azur's cuisine offers innovative menu items.
The menu at Villa Azur is designed to be a delicate intermingling of avant-garde mediterranean fare and traditional authenticity, which is sure to please even the most refined of palates.
With an in-house sommelier hand to suggest the ideal custom wine pairing , Villa Azur strives to sculpt the perfect meal from start to finish.

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